Obnoxiously big hair, excess makeup and an extensive jungle cat wardrobe.  This look is nothing new.  The only thing I don’t understand is if Al Bundy didn’t appreciate this look 24 years ago, why would you try it now in the real world?  It’s like year-round Halloween in that salon.


Peg Bundy calls first on her image



Yes America, Jobs for everyone!  Steve Jobs is back and once again on the lookout for bright young minds!  But really any brains will do, he’s quite famished.

My inspiration for this piece was partially Halloween approaching not far from the passing of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.  But most importantly, nobody else has done this yet?  Really?  There is no excuse for zero results to come up in images when I Google “Zombie Steve Jobs.”

Zombie Steve Jobs

Nom Nom Nom Brains Nom Nom

I caught this picture coincidentally of Ricky Martin on the Billboard charts.  He’s one leather mask short of being an all out gimp.  It made me wonder, have we learned nothing in the past 24 years since the premier of RAW?  Does anyone see a performer in this and think of sex?  I just think of how loud he must be to his band mates when he moves around on stage.

You had a good run Duckface.  I put you at Circa dawn of MySpace to about the advent and failure of Google Plus.  But you just pushed it too far.  Not just your lips, but also the nerves of everyone that has to see that ridiculous face you make on your social networking page.  We had to put you down.  For the record, it was never cute or cool.

You will not be missed

Really extraterrestrials? You’re going to abduct innocent Earthlings from Ground Zero on the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks?

9-11 Abduction

This original photograph provided by Lauren Elle Photography.

This is just my fantasy of what I think setting off a flea bomb will be like. I’m sure it will be much more disappointing than what my mind conjured up.

I thought I eluded any hardships caused by Hurricane Irene.